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Leanne J Sotir, PhD, RNCP
Phone: 781-987-4947
Fax (678) 866-9444
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Online Store

Whole Health and Nutrition's Online Store offers Clients an easy way to purchase everthing they need for Optimal Health. Below you can purchase:

  • High Quality Supplements, herbals, and many other health products through our recommended supplement providers
  • Your Customized Health Consultation
  • High Quality Seafood


Nutritional Supplements at Whole Health and NutritionAll supplements that are offered through Whole Health and Nutrition are the highest quality available and have been manufactured according to strict current good manufacturing practices (CGMP). They also adhere to United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards. These supplement manufacturers use certified independent laboratories to test the raw materials and finished products to ensures that you are receiving high quality products that are effective and free of impurities.

Ordering these supplements require an access code that will be provided by Dr. Sotir


Emerson Ecologics
Emerson Ecologics
carries: Douglas Labs, Pure Encapsulation, Integrated Therapeutics, Herb Pharm, and many more. Call 800-654-4432 or click here to purchase products.


Prothera/Klaire Labs
Prothera/Klaire Labs:
To purchase ProThera/Klaire products call 888-488-2488 or go to www.protherainc.com/


Vital Nutrients
Vital Nutrients:
To purchase Vital Nutrients call 888-328-9992 or go to www.vitalnutrients.net.





The Health Consultation can be purchased once you and Dr. Sotir have agreed a consultation is right for you.

Initial Health Consultation, $125.00


Follow-up Consultation, $65.00




Today most seafood available to consumers is farmed or can contain high amounts of toxins. It is important to know your source when consuming seafood. When purchasing Vital Choice seafood, you can be confident that you are getting the highest quality wild seafood possible. The company stands by their purity by periodically testing their seafood with an independent lab. Vital choice offers a variety of wild fish and other seafood. To browse their website or place an order click here.