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Leanne J Sotir, PhD, RNCP
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. calendulaWhat makes your Health Consultation different from others? Our consultation is individualized to each client’s health goals and concerns. They are detailed and thorough in order to provide you with the knowledge that best serves your health needs. You will  take with you a wealth of information and tools to apply to your daily life.
  2. What should I expect during the Health Consultation?  Durning the consulation we will review your health history, dietary and lifestyle patterns, as well as discuss your health concerns and goals. Together we will develop a customized health plan that works with your needs and lifestyle. Expect to spend approximately one hour (may be longer if necessary).
  3. Can I get the same type of Health Consultation with a phone or Skype appointment? Don’t you need to see me in person?  Our phone or Skype consultations do not differ in any way from one that you would have in person. These appointments follow the same procedures as one that takes place in the office.
  4. Am I obligated to a certain amount of follow-up appointments? No, there is no obligation for follow-up appointments. However, they are highly recommended because a re-evaluation of the health plan may be needed to monitor progress and implement any necessary changes.
  5. Are your health consultations only for people with multiple symptoms or who are suffering an illness? No, although we do educate clients with difficult health challenges, a good percentage of our clients are interested in disease prevention and acquiring education on how to live a healthy lifestyle.
  6. How do the supplements you recommend differ from what I can purchase in the retail stores? Although we do sell and recommend some retail grade supplements, most of our supplements are only available through credentialed health professionals. The quality is superior and these supplements are tested for impurities.
  7. Does Whole Health and Nutrition treat, prescribe, diagnose, or cure disease? No, we do not treat, prescribe, diagnose or cure disease. Our practice is based on health education. Any diagnosing, treating, and prescribing should be done through a licensed medical professional.
  8. Can a health consultation with Whole Health and Nutrition replace a visit with my medical doctor?  No, this consultation is to educate and empower you towards living a healthy lifestyle. It should never be used to replace proper medical care from a licensed professional. At Whole Health and Nutrition, we encourage you to work closely with your medical professional when implementing any dietary or lifestyle changes.